Großer blauer Himmel - Utrecht

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Thomas van Galen über Großer blauer Himmel - Utrecht

Großer blauer Himmel - Utrecht
Thomas van Galen Profilfoto

Dieses Bild wird angeboten von Thomas van Galen

Thomas van Galen (1983) is someone who has all his life that is related anything with pictures, music, and art. Thomas is a thinker and he fantasises his images and thoughts in his head and with those images and thoughts he tries to photograph and understand more about this world.He is a full-time video producer at one of the largest international TV producers in the world. Besides his work he is doing everything to do with photography It's his life and lust.In 2012 he came to live in Utrecht, because he didn't know the city so well he started a project for himself to discovery his new hometown along with his camera.This way he wants for himself and others to show how beautiful the city of Utrecht is.Next to photographing Utrecht he is also doing Landscape, nature, architecture and street-photography as well.His way of photographing is to keep everything as natural as possible. By using the proper techniques such as with a light meter, the cross filters on the lens itself, and by the work with the elements of nature and the influences of human beings.

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Vorteile und Gründe für Großer blauer Himmel - Utrecht als Art Frame

  • Wir bekamen den Art Frame in Einzelteilen geliefert, die wir noch zusammenstellen mussten. Ich war etwas überrascht, aber es war ganz einfach. Und der Stoff hängt schön und fest. Wir sind super zufriedene Kunden!
  • Moderne Alternatieve zur Leinwand
  • Motive einfach wechselbar
  • Geräuschabsorbierend

Großer blauer Himmel - Utrecht

Bestelle das digitale Kunst Bild Großer blauer Himmel - Utrecht von Thomas van Galen als Reproduktion auf Leinwand, Alu-Dibond, Holz, als Poster, Fototapete oder Acrylglasbild.

Bildcode: 168 733
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